Under-Secretary of the Riedran Embassy in Sharn.


A musical laugh catches disturbs his reverie and he finds he is being watched by a breathtakingly beautiful woman. Her almond eyes are violet and long thick tresses of hair, an equally exotic mauve, are piled artfully upon her head and held in place with a silver net studded with clear sparkling gems. Teardrops of the same colour dangle from her earlobes. Her flawless skin is the colour of fresh cream and her dress accentuates her figure and reveals sufficient flesh to be alluring while still looking sophisticated. She looks young, perhaps twenty, but carries herself with the poise and elegance of someone much older.

She smiles, revealing a very cute set of dimples, and walks confidently over to Janosz. “I see you got bored of the tired old Thrane versus Karrnath debate. I don’t blame you. They do go on so, I find.” Her voice holds faint traces of some sort of accent that Janosz can’t quite place. She extends a hand, more to be gallantly kissed than shaken. “I’m Helkashtai, by the way. Are you… Janosz, is that right?”



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