Jendry Ascorthtir

Halfling casino owner in Sharn.


A halfling man wearing a conservative dark business suit. He has curly red hair and a boyish, rosy apple-cheeks. The effect is vaguely cherubic and child-like – except for his eyes, which are cold and a face as expressionless as the masks on the wall in his office.

His voice is surprisingly deep.


Jendrey runs a casino named “Throw of the Dice” in the Torchlight district of Lower Menthis. Connected to the halfling organized crime group Boromar Clan.

Jendry was a childhood friend of the Heris the inquistive who was killed while trying to track down Norn. In order to get his revenge without sparking a gang war he employed the party to take down Gelb the changeling.

Jendry Ascorthtir

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