Kalashtar leader in Sharn


A dark-haired woman of indeterminate age and a severe expression. However, her manner is friendly enough, if somewhat distant.


Selkatri is the leader of a group of kalashtar living in Sharn. The Janosz and Trose first encountered her after finding the corpse of Haljanan, a member of her enclave, dead in Norn’s hovel. While trying to find Norn for Karile and work out all the other factions trying to capture him, the pair paid her a visit in the Overlook neighborhood of Upper Dura.

Much later, Selkatari contacted Janosz and revealed that Fourgri had been after Norn for the location of the facility where the three abnormal warforged (including 773) were manufactured. She tasked the group with intercepting the quori and putting a stop to whatever he was after at the Cannith facility near the city of Eston in the Mournland.


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